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Chinese medicine extract buyers with material test machine LPG spray dryer, 1 hour successful discharge customers place orders

The concentrated liquid of Chinese medicine extract can be dried and extracted by using LPG centrifugal spray dryer.

First, the stirred raw material pulp is pumped into the LPG type centrifugal spray dryer by peristaltic pump for centrifugal atomization.


At high temperature, the original pulp is atomized at the same time, instant evaporation of water. And pumped into the storage tank by the induced draft fan through the pipeline.



Because there's a switch flange on the tank. At the same time of spray drying, the dry powder products that have been dried can also be taken out in time.


The Chinese medicine powder dried by LPG centrifugal spray dryer is fine and can be bagged immediately. This type of equipment is the best choice for extracting and concentrating dry powder of Chinese medicine extract.