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Yunnan Gold Fluorine Chemical Materials Co., Ltd. and our company ordered aluminum fluoride flash dryer and 3.5 million CAL hot blast stove delivery

Flash dryer is a new type of continuous drying equipment which integrates drying, crushing and screening. It is especially suitable for drying filter cake, paste and mud paste. The drying time of the wet material in the drying tower is only 5-8 seconds, and the water evaporates instantly. The quality of the dried product has a lot to do with the drying temperature, wind speed, air volume and crushing speed. Jiangyin Mingzheng Machinery has an innovative design scheme, which can adjust the wind speed entering the flash drying tangential line, adjust the size of the finished product particles and the final water content.

Flash dryer unit

Heater, feeder, stirring crushing system, classifier, drying main, cyclone separator, bag dust collector, fan, etc.